Lunar Living: How To Live By The Phases Of The Moon

Stay wild, moon child. Make your own magic.

I believe in magic. The magic that lies within us. The power that we inherent in our mind.

I believe that we have the power to shape our physiology and our psychology.

I believe that we can change our external and internal realities and manifest thoughts an desires in to tangible outcomes .

I believe in the unlimited powers of our subconscious minds.

Now this is not some new age version of the MLK speech. I’d rather dare not. What I’m trying to say is that we carry within our subconscious minds the power to do and achieve anything we want.

Yet, we have been conditioned through experiences and social norms to believe otherwise. If you have tried to achieve something you might feel is far from your reach, you know how mind and ego comes in to play to remind you why your dream is not achievable. At times like that, we can get our mind to let go of the limiting beliefs using various tools and techniques.

While my first and foremost tool to turn to is hypnosis to overcome mind limitations, I have noticed that some of the new age practices are just as powerful.

One of my favorite new age practices is Lunar Living. Lunar living is basically being more attentive to the phases of the moon. In fact, humans can’t really escape the influence of the moon. It is a common belief that the moon phases affects emotions. Whether you PMS more during full moon and go bat shit crazy or not, the moon certainly affects the weather and the environment around us.  In fact, the entire Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang is linked to the waxing and waning of the moon and the rise and fall of life- energy in humans. Hindu astrology places great importance on the moon phases as well, saying that people born during a waxing moon live longer. Buddhist practices encourage to mediate and deepen their spiritual practices on full moon as well.

So how can we use the phases of the moon to our advantage? I stumbled upon Lunar Living quite recently and have been paying attention to New moon and full moons in particular. However, there are a few more phases that fall in between.



The best quick start guide of living life by the phases of moon I have read is from the lovely Gala Darling… If this is something up your ally, I highly recommend this post by her!


(Post link to magical thinking: living your life by the moon, By Gala Darling)


So tell me, are you moon touched? Have you noticed energy changes during different phases of the moon? Share your moon cycle experiences in the comments below!





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