How To Honor Your Body’s Need For Movement

Really, I love being a couch potato. My favorite yoga pose is Savasana. Simply lying down and doing nothing is the best thing you can do after a day of work and various stresses right? I also happen to love pizza. The combination of non-activity and massive amounts of cheese and carbs doesn’t take that long to show up on love handles and make you feel sluggish and even impact your self-confidence negatively.

Human body is designed to move. Whether it’s as part of an active lifestyle or a structured workout program, our bodies thrive on healthy movement and works best when it’s active. Being active is the best thing you can do for not only your body but also for your brain and psychological wellness.

I can list here all the benefits of physical activity. But I bet you know them already. You probably even know the consequences of poor physical activity.  So how can you reap the benefits of an active lifestyle? If you are lagging in this department by even a little bit, here are a few ideas on how you can honor the body’s need for movement:


1.Avoid sitting for too long
Ok, this is easy. No explanation necessary here, right?


2.Change your attitude about activity
Being active does not have to mean going to the gym 5-6 days a week and pumping heavy iron. Enjoy being in nature, take long walks or a quick morning jog before work. Stretch your muscles before bed. Simply move your body. Try out different classes at your local gym if you like the energy in group fitness classes.


3.Keep a dedicated time each day for activity
Yes, schedule time for activity. Write on your to do list and check it off when it’s done. If you like making lists, you know how satisfying it can be to check off an item.


4. Set targets related to staying active
Set a goal to run 1 mile, a 5k or heck, even a marathon. It could be something like doing 10 push ups a day too. Don’t forget to set a deadline as well. Celebrate when you accomplish them.


These are super simple ways to get ourselves to be active and stay motivated to live a healthy holistic life. Living a holistic lifestyle is all about balancing mind, body and soul needs.

What some of your tips to keep active? Share in the comments below!





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