Let’s Get Accountable For Our Health

Hello there my lovelies! It is already time for my second blog post on ETC by Nori!

In my last post I unveiled a little something I learned during my soul searching years. “Contentment and joy lies in understanding your core values, striking a balance between ambition and spirituality, and continually working on mind, body, and psychological wellness.” As we go along, you will notice that this blog is all about creating holistic habits. The ones that lead to living life fully, with a joyful heart, and a playful spirit.


So today, I want to dive in to the first step and the foundation of developing healthy habits. If you have a strong foundation, you know that you can build any structure. One that  you can rest assure will not fall apart later. So what is the first step towards building long lasting holistic habits?

Get accountable for your own health!

If you feel like you know this already, think again. How often do you lose motivation to exercise? How often do you give in to unhealthy cravings? How often do you chose mindless activity over personal and spiritual development? (you know Netflix is the biggest culprit here). I know I have been guilty of all of the above in the past. But since I answered some deeper questions, I have been on a roll with healthy movement, eating and mind exercises.

What questions to ask yourself, you ask?

Here’s a quick guide to take accountability of your health and kick start your holistic journey…

1.Define Healthy.
What is your definition of healthy. To me, being healthy means many things. It means that I am physically in good condition, with normal vitals. It means that I can run, lift, do yoga or whatever activity I feel like doing without being in pain or feeling physical or emotional frustration. Being healthy also means that I am not depressed, sad or stressed. It means that I am mentally and emotionally strong to see things in perspective, with an open mind and make right, effective decisions. To me, healthy means that I feel a sense of peace within and am conscious enough to deal with stressful situations without losing it.

Take a moment to think about what healthy means for you. Write it down. And feel free to change it as you go along. But have that as a point of reference at times when you feel lost or in a health rut.


2. What can you do to integrate your definition of healthy in to your life?
For me, this means staying active every day. Whether its yoga, running or strength training at the gym, I always do something active to get a good dose of endorphins and serotonin in my system. I also dedicate a whole hour every morning at least a few days a week to do my Buddhist chantings (pirith) and practice mindfulness meditation. Eating healthy has been a work in progress. But I renew my commitment every now and then and remind myself of the importance of balance.

What activities can you integrate in to your daily routine to maintain a healthy life? It could be walking 10 mins a day or running 5 miles. It could be meditation or journaling daily. Come up with a strategy that is easy to achieve and fun to keep at.


3. What are your reasons for not taking charge of your health and well being?

We all have them. Some of them are excuses but some are real reasons, or excuses in disguise. I personally have this idea in my head that no matter how hard I work, it takes so much more out of me compared to an average person to lose any weight because I have fat genes. Also, I am more likely to get heart disease, kidney diseas, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes because, guess what, everyone in my immediate family have all of the above. Sometimes, it demotivates me to workout at all. “No matter how hard to I work, I don’t see results.” At other times, I use the same reasons to motivate myself and get the work done.

So what are your reasons?  Is it lack of time, bad genetics, already deteriorated health or disability? Or is it a financial situation that doesn’t allow you to get to a gym? What ever your reason is, there is always a way! You can always find time. You don’t need money to get out of the house and go for a walk or run. While you can’t reverse your genes or a unfortunate health situation, you can still work to manage your health.  Write down your reasons and when they show up as excuses, crush them and show what you are made of.


4. Once you have a grasp of why living a healthy lifestyle is important to you and ways to get there, you are already well on your way to upgrading your life to a full on holistic life. If you need external motivation ask a friend to be your accountability buddy. Share your knowledge and inspire each other to set goals and crush them.

On a final note, don’t forget that healthy lifestyle is not a destination. It is a journey. A never ending journey. If you fail, simply re start and recommit. Enjoy it and keep at it until it becomes your second nature. And trust me, it will, eventually.


Tell me… Are you actively taking charge of your health? What are some tips and tools you can share with us? Or what are your reasons for not eating healthy and being active? What can you do to change them? Share your insights.  Let’s learn from each other.


Lots of love, xo



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