Hello Blog World, I Am Here: An Introduction

Musically speaking, the 90’s were quite the years for me. Throughout childhood and straight in to adolescence, all I ever wanted to listen to was the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears. Growing up alongside a budding DJ, I heard many other artists on our stereo system – the one that lived in the middle of the living room providing music to probably the entire neighborhood (that’s how loud it was.) However, the honest truth is that I barely understood the lyrics of any of the songs. My English was poor if not nonexistent. Yet, the universal language spoke to me. I mean, who could possibly be blind to the beautiful abs of Peter Andre and his Mysterious Girl when they came on TV.


As crazy as it may, it was this kind of thing that made me want to move from the tropical paradise that is Sri Lanka to the snow and ice in New York. Thanks to my poor English skills at the time, little did I realize, the gorgeous boy was in fact singing about an exotic girl and her tropical scent. I was so blind I didn’t even see the beach and the water fall that was in the background.


From the art of music to the art of cuisine, I was a complete “kalu sudda”, a white washed kid. For example, when the breakfast table  was made in the morning, with freshly made string hoppers, pol sambola, a dish made with scraped coconut and spices, with potato and fish curry on the side, I would make a face and say “this again?” and demand for scrambled eggs and sausages.


It took three years in the United States, an overly expensive education and a couple more years walking on the streets of Manhattan to truly get over my infatuation with the western world. Don’t get me wrong, I am still in love with the city that Sinatra so elegantly sang of. However, I finally managed to fall in love with the great tropics, the mysteries of the Far East and my own culture that is filled with so many great ancient secrets. I suppose distance surely does make the heart grow fonder.

What’s more, after journeying back and forth between the worlds of Western and Eastern cultures, with the intentions of ambition and soul searching (ambition in New York and uncovering meditation secrets in Sri Lanka), I realized that true inner peace is unrelated and independent of physical locations. Instead, contentment and joy lies in understanding your core values, striking a balance between ambition and spirituality, and continually working on mind, body, and psychological wellness.


So today, with this first post on a brand new blog, ETC by Nori, I want to introduce myself to you and the blogosphere.  Call me Nori, a woman from Sri Lanka who came to the United States as a teenager to attend college and reach the highest of the highs in New York City. But decided to paddle the other direction by renouncing worldly materials and went back home to meditate and understand the universal truth. The intention was enlightenment. Quite frankly, I don’t know what I attained at the end of my years in Sri Lanka.  What I did understand is that there is no one way to achieve bliss. And it is always an ongoing journey. One that requires consistently working on personal qualities, and holistic habits.


This blog is dedicated just for that. To inspire and cultivate holistic habits that leads you to living life fully, with a joyful heart and a playful spirit. Whether you are a hustler or a soul searcher, let this be your new destination to find tips, tools and inspiration to a true holistic, happy life. Well, it is my only hope that I can bring to you posts filled with love, and also fun. I hope ETC by Nori will be able to be a part of your life surrounded with beauty, serenity and peace…

As a final note, since it is what I began with, and in true spirit of reminiscing in the 90’s music, here’s some beautiful scenery and some abs for you…


With love, 


PS: Don’t leave me hanging! Introductions are more fun when there is two-way communication. Please leave a comment to say hi!  – xo


4 thoughts on “Hello Blog World, I Am Here: An Introduction

  1. Loved reading your intro post here. You have quite a journey, I can relate to the part of finding enlightenment (finding about my personality for me) and knowing the journey isn’t about how many miles you take, but it’s actually the journey within one’s self 🙂


    1. It’s such an amazing feeling when another person relates to what you write! You are so right, it certainly is not about the miles but the direction. Thank you so much for leaving a comment and sharing your thoughts! Truly appreciate it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Relating to posts and connections are among the things that Wpress continue to amaze me with. It’s one thing to write and get your thoughts out but quite another experience when you start connecting to people who can relate. 🙂 Looking forward to your posts. 🙂

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